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Join us every Sunday!

Stapleton MCA | The Cube
8371 Northfield Blvd, Denver, CO 80238
at 4:00 PM

Welcome to
Vibe City Church!

Vibe City Church is a brand new faith community in the Northfield/Stapleton area of Denver. We want to create a new vibe in the city of Denver!

What is Our Vision?

Our vision is to dream big! To see God do things in this city that man could not take credit for but that would prove to be GOD! As you look at Jesus’ ministry, He started with 12 young men who were average at best! They turned the world upside down!

If Vibe City starts with just a few… We reach our neighbors, then our neighborhood, then our community, then our city!

What is Our Purpose?

Our purpose is to serve and love people. We don’t just want to be a church in the city, we want to be a church to the city.

Even Jesus said he came to serve not to be served.


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